About Me

Hello! My name is Emily and here is a little bit about me! 

I am child of the 90's with big specs and and even bigger vision. I have been working in the catering industry from the young age of 14, where I would take part in the local festa kitchen preparations in a snack bar in the Pjazza. The lovely lady there gave me a summer job after I begged to be taught and lo and behold, here I am today. 

My passion for cooking took me to ITS, the local culinary school in Malta, where I reside and then to Spain, London and back to Malta.

When I had my son, Oliver, I decided that I was just over the catering industry in Malta and hung up my apron, for what I thought was the last time....little did I know!

I spent 5 years working in Finance whilst studying ACCA. To be honest with you, learning about Finance and how money works, the ins and outs of the heart of the business really actually helped me gain confidence. 

Covid hit us and I was suddenly working from home and I kick started my Instagram page, it didn't take long for it to blow up! I was posting recipes, how to's and funny little things which eventually led to some brand deals and also a place to promote a little weekly menu that I was doing! 

Fast forward to January 2022, I took the plunge to start my own business in catering and here I am today, a year and a half later! 

So, in summary, here's what I do -

Specialized meal plans - if you're a busy individual, with or without specific needs to your diet, I'm your gurl. I specialize in preparing weekly meals for clients, delivering 2-3 times a week so that they don't have to worry about cooking anything, I'll take care of that for you! 

Breakfast for Offices - Catering for office breakfasts, ranging from the cheeky croissant to a healthy and nutritious spread or a mix of both. I work with one off Breakfast spreads and also retainers. Retainers for Breakfast clients are usually the best because it's a matter of discussing a budget, a frequency and a number of months and you can leave the rest up to me. 

Corporate Goodies - Be it V-Day, Easter, Christmas, I always have something yummy to treat your employees with and it's always something unique and special. 

Specials - Every now and again I go a bit nuts and pop on random things to my website. Sometimes it's a chicken korma, sometimes it's cinnamon buns and other times it's giant marshmallows. This allows me to keep my creativity levels on a HIGH and I live for it to be honest with you! 

Anyways, if you've read so far... WOW, you are blessed because I can talk! 

Send me an email on emily@eatsbyemily.mt or follow me on Instagram (it's where all the fun happens) and we can discuss your needs and wants and I will always do my best to accomodate! 

Thank you for being here,

Always grateful and always cooking

Em xx